Benefits of Low-Rise Buildings

September 3, 2018By Arpit BaralBlog No Comments

BENEFITS OF LOW-RISE BUILDINGS Thinking about buying an apartment? You must pay attention to what type of building you want to move into, as it directly or indirectly affects your day-to-day lifestyle. We have often heard our elders advising us to own an apartment either on the ground floor or on a floor that is … Read More

South of Gurugram- A Rising Sun

August 24, 2018By Arpit BaralBlog, Information No Comments

SOUTH OF GURUGRAM- A RISING SUN Yes, you heard it right. South of Gurugram is the next best area on the boom. While experts are already claiming that Sohna, also known as South of Gurugram will continue to rise up to new heights for at least next 15 years, there is no denying the fact … Read More