Welcome to The Trisara Group, Developers & Builders.

As an organisation with over 20 years of expertise in real estate investment & development, we have several successful projects credited to our name, borne as a result of an immense amount of trust and support, vested upon our organisation by clients.  We are thankful to each and every one for their support.

With sheer dedication, honest commitments and incredible customer service at its heart, The Trisara Group is now being revamped with the primary agenda of expediting & achieving its maximum potential as a developer- builder group; seeking to engrave its brand name in this growing real-estate industry, for decades to come.

Having brought together seasoned industry experts from various professional domains, we are harnessing collective  knowledge & skill to generate significantly sustainable productivity, towards aset of established objectives that aim to achieve benefits and growth for an entire community including- our customers, employees, associates, and the realm of construction and architecture in the Indian market. Our Ambition lies in perpetually creating an amalgam of innovation, technology and quality, to drive customer satisfaction; through solutions that are also intuitively eco-conscious. 

We believe in putting in an extra one degree effort because it is that one degree that makes all the difference, turning hot water into steam which powers a locomotive. We take immense pride in our work, as it is driven by objectives rooted in our core-values i.e. honesty, transparency, loyalty, consistency and reliability.

We want you to know that your happiness is our success, and we are relentlessly working in that direction. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to, and should receive nothing but the best - the best opportunities, the best living standards, the best return on investment, the best product and the best service.

We are constantly striving to achieve this standard in all our endeavours.

Our Mission is to be the most trusted Developer-Builder firm across all segments of the Indian population; and for our name to resonate with Customer centric, Ethical, Fast, Transparent and Reliable; as we persistently deliver ambitious work & ace service.

It is all about you, our customers, who are the ultimate benefactors of all our efforts. As we evolve, we will seek to perfect and maintain a standard- that of undisputed credibility, unquestionable integrity, impeccable customer-service and visible transparency in processes & interactions across hierarchies in our work flow.

We want to be known as an organisation that actually builds experiences rather than mere spaces.

We aim to be the first obvious choice for all value-inclined customers.

The roadmap to our Mission is a challenging one but we are ardently determined to reach our destination. Our vision is to take forward leaps in our journey, steadily accelerating our progress by working on a set of goals.

Customer-Relations: We will winadulation from an immense customer base by delivering on every commitment.

Productivity: Cultivate high performance cultures within our teams by nurturing employees to reach their full potential and by executing lean planning and management.

Portfolio: Diversify and expand our portfolio to cover a range of projects aiming at lifestyle improvement through design and global earth initiatives.

Research: Invest in research to be up to date with latest, contemporary and unconventional materials & building techniques, sparking creativity in innovation and adoption.

Industry Relations: Create a healthy network with other professionals in the industry for different possibilities of collaboration.

Community Outreach: Engage with local communities and discuss global perspectives to encourage dialogue, and be responsible citizens truly serving the society in our capacity, by identifying critical needs.

We believe that our work is a culmination of the hard work put in by our people- from those working at the field-level to get the structures up and running- to those working at the managerial level to maintain consistency in performance. Thus, we call this entire constituency- our team, as each one individually would be rendered useless.

Our team works cohesively across different departments from design to construction to customer relationships, thereby lending our entire constituency a holistic view of our organisation. Complementing the needs of different departments, we tackle roadblocks in the path to our mission, and are able to share ideas to collectively work towards producing the best output, in terms of innovative solutions, quality construction, aesthetic architecture, sound structures and ultimate value to our customers.

It is not only through instilling belief in our vision & values amongst each member of the organisation, but also through harmonious unified efforts towards a mutual goal, that we hope to stay ahead.



Managing Director


Civil Engg. & M.B.A, S.P. Jain Mumbai


Executive Director
Architect; Masters in Urban Vision & Architectural Design (Italy); Sanzpont Arquitectura, Spain



(Head) Finance & Accounts

Deepika Kapoor

(Head) Customer Relationship Management


(Head) Sales


Project Manager (Site)

Arete India Projects Pvt. Limited

Idea International Housing & Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Apex Buildwell Pvt. Ltd.

Aar Housing Pvt. Ltd.

Shyam Kripa Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.


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